Early 19th Century
The elegant Georgian fronted building, now the Town Hall, was built in 1827 by the Moffat Bath Company as Moffat Bath Halls. When originally completed the Baths Halls comprised reading rooms, an assembly hall and bathing suites.
“The hot mineral bath is most used. It may be taken at any hour of the day: the usual time of immersion is twenty minutes and the degree of heat 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold baths, common water or mineral may also be had as well as shower baths and vapour baths.”
(Extracted from Jane Boyd’s “Moffat 17th to 20th Century”) 

19th Century till now
• Moffat Town Hall is a Grade B listed building built in 1827 as the Baths Hall for Moffat Spa.
• It was later extended with bays at each end and rear extensions.
• It was purchased by Commissioners of Burgh 1897.
• The Hall was sold to Moffat Burgh Council under the estate of the Hope-Johnstone family (local landowners) in 1966 for the sum of £4
• The Hall is now owned by Dumfries and Galloway Council
• There had been some changes to the building, but little in the way of major refurbishment.
• The Hall continued to decline in its physical state was ‘tired’ as well as needing significant renovation
• It is the largest public building in Moffat, with a large hall with stage and seating for up to 100+, and a smaller room for small meetings and civil wedding services
• It is in a prominent position in the centre of the High Street, and is a natural ‘centre point’ for the Town.

Services Provided by D&G Council
• Dumfries & Galloway Council provide services to Moffat and District Via the Library Services at the north entrance to the hall where there are free public toilets – both with limited facilities and opening hours
• It is registered for Civil Weddings, provided by the Council
• It is a major venue for Moffat Community providing
– Meeting space for community groups
– Frequent coffee mornings on behalf of a wide range of organizations, up to 30+ per year; this produces income for local organizations and other charities in excess of £20,000 per year
– Special events, e.g. focus for Festivals, Moffat Gala, Christmas Events
– Concerts and ceilidhs on behalf of different organization.

Moffat Town Hall Redevelopment Trust from 2012
The Trust have secured agreements with Historic Scotland and Dumfries and Galloway Council. The agreements will bring in approximately £800 000 for restoration of the outside of the Town Hall. This will include repairs to the roof of the Hall and Library; repairs to some structural defects, including reinstating the Stage; and restoration of the outside of the Hall. This will secure the future of the building for many years, and will significantly improve its external appearance.
Moffat Town Hall Redevelopment Trust had been working for several years to secure the future of the Moffat Town Hall. The Trust is now able to safeguard the historic building for generations to come.
The works resolve some foundation problems, restore damaged stonework and completely reroof the building to conservation standards. They will also reinstate the stage which has been out of commission for some time as a result of a cracked beam, and enable the permanent repair of the library ceiling, part of which recently fell down.
A condition of the Historic Scotland grant is that the Trust becomes the lease-holder for the Hall for the next 21 years. This would allow the Trust to market and manage the Hall on behalf of the Community; and would enable it to upgrade the interior subject to being able to draw down funds from other sources. Under the leasing arrangement the Council would continue to provide services from the building.